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Teh-Li Po: An Appalachian Legend, DVD Widescreen

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If you already know the story of tailypo, this short film will expand your understanding and enjoyment of the tale with stunning visuals and new, imaginative and historically accurate interpretations -- even if you know nothing of the tailypo story, the film will spark a curiosity to find out more about this mysterious creature and its legend.

Here is a short clip from the film:

Writer B.M. Jones weaves a Teh-Li Po known to the Native Americans of the Creek Nation.  As pioneers and settlers moved west, like the ancestors of the old man in the film surely did, they encroach on the territory of the creature. . .which, as we learn, isn't wise.  Or safe.

The writer, director, and set designer went to great lengths to produce a film which would accurately represent the time period during which the story would have been circulating as an oral tradition in America -- it was even filmed where the tailypo story would have purportedly actually taken place.  If the film crew wasn't out in the ridges of Southern Ohio, we were at a historic and original pioneer cabin.  It gives the film a stunning backdrop for the story, really letting the viewer feel as though he or she is right there, in the classic story.

There are many versions of the tailypo story, but this one is unique because the screenwriter and author researched the "tale-type" heavily before telling his version of the tailypo.  It's not widely known that there are accredited doctorate programs dedicated purely to the study of folklore, legends, and myths.

As great bonus for libraries, schools, and the amateur folklorist, Dr. Edgar Slotkin of the University of Cincinnati, appears in the DVD extras to give us a short lecture on the tailypo "tale-type" along with many more insights about the study of folklore in general.  Here is a brief cut from that interview:

The tale of tailypo is engrained in Appalachian and the American South, but it's such a compelling story that it reaches out across cultural and geographical divides.  Craig Boldman is a professional artist, illustrator and writer and was on the crew of the Teh-Li Po production because of his long-time interest in tailypo.

After talking with Craig and finding he shared a genuine affection for the folktale, Jones and Temmesfeld were able to get an interview with Boldman to find out how he came to learn about and take interest in the tailypo tale.  Craig brings yet another perspective to the story with his unique personal story and professional assessment.  Here's a short clip of that interview, also included on the DVD:

Once you've enjoyed the film, enjoy the book -- available on Kindle via Amazon.  A full-color, illustrated print version of "Teh-Li Po: An Appalachian Legend" is coming soon.  It's great for storytelling around the campfire or at bedtime if your young ones are brave enough.

It's entertainment and memory-making at its finest and even offers something for the amateur researcher or seasoned folklorist.

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